We Tried the ‘New Coke’ Limited Release

Coca-Cola decided to re-release the infamous New Coke from 1985 in a limited release. We got our hands on some and tried it out. Here's what we thought.

Remember New Coke?

It didn’t go well for Coca-Cola, and they eventually ended its distribution. But thanks to the popularity of “Stranger Things” on Netflix, Coca-Cola is bringing it back in a limited release to help promote the show’s 3rd season.

We finally got our hands on some of this limited release and just had to try the stuff. It was pretty interesting.

Of course, we’re not the only ones who can try it out, but it’s not cheap and not available in stores. If you’d like to buy some for yourself, you can get it here: www.cokestore.com/1985.

Did you try New Coke when it first came out? What did you think? Was it as “new” as you hoped?

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