Sylvester 101: Dairy Queen

A view of the outside of the Dairy Queen in Sylvester, GA.
This exterior houses the worst kept secret in South Georgia.

Sylvester, GA is most widely known for two things, being the peanut capital of the world and having the “best” Dairy Queen.”  At first, you might expect a DQ like all the others across the nation. But let’s be real, “our” DQ is better than your DQ.

When visiting other places and asking locals where to eat they normally say a local, original place but in Sylvester that place is Dairy Queen.

The DQ is as much a part of Sylvester as the Varsity is to Atlanta or casinos are to Las Vegas.  The people of Worth County love and protect this place like a member of the family.

Stepping inside you get the “down-home feel” that starts you down the path to greatness.  You walk past a mouth-watering selection of ice-cream cakes to the old-school counter where you are greeted with the familiar, “Can I help you please?”


Ordering at the Sylvester, GA Dairy Queen is a breeze.
A full and updated menu offers most everything you could ever want.

That down-home feel is what has helped this DQ thrive in this small, south Georgia town.  Dairy Queen had opened and failed multiple times in Sylvester before it was bought and re-opened in 1975 by the Casteel family.  You can still catch Mark taking orders behind the counter the same way his father, Roger Casteel, did for decades.

It is centrally located on the corner of East St and US HWY 82. This gives the restaurant a perfect location for people traveling through to I-75. It’s also within walking distance from both the football and baseball stadiums.

Cheeseburger, tater-tots, Vanilla-Pibb and a Hot Fudge Sundae for only FIVE BUCKS!

The DQ gives you that welcoming feeling topped with world-famous southern hospitality.  Offering everything you would normally get at a DQ from meats to treats, this Dairy Queen gives you consistency and deliciousness every time.  Sylvester’s DQ also serves something others don’t: Tater-Tots.  Do yourself a favor and order them!  I also suggest adding a little flavor to your drink, I add vanilla to my Mr. Pibb.  Having everything made fresh-to-order is something you don’t see much these days. This DQ does that and it makes a difference.

Judging by these comments I’m not alone in my love for the DQ.

For me this DQ is head and shoulders above the rest.  From great service, great food, and that down-home feel, Sylvester’s DQ has done everything right.  The Casteel family has made a fast-food restaurant franchise into a personal, locally protected, landmark.

I’ll be back for sure…often.

Need directions?  Dairy Queen Sylvester is located at 509 E. Franklin St. 

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