Southern Drawl Cotton – From field to fabric

From field to fabric, 100% American made bed sheets

Made in the USA.  Straight forward and precise, right?  Not even close.  To carry the “Made in the USA” label only 60% of a product has to be made or manufactured here in the United States.  A group of south Georgia farming families have united to do what they can to bring farm-gate value back to their farms and created Southern Drawl Cotton.

14 farming families got together and found a product that can be grown, harvested and manufactured all in the USA.   The farmers wanted a product that America could be proud of even coming up with their own label that says “From Field to Fabric 100% USA”.  Bed sheets using combed cotton is the product they settled on.  Combed cotton is cotton that is raked through, taking out all the impurities and short fibers enabling them to be softer than the normal sheet.  Manufacturers don’t normally use combed cotton because it requires more cotton than other procedures but as farmers they have plenty of cotton.

All the cotton used in creating Southern Drawl Cotton sheets is grown by families, all located in South Georgia.  These 14 multi-generational farming families wanted to bring back jobs to their area by producing a product to bring farm-gate value back to farming families.   The farmers went as far to make sure that everything in their manufacturing process is made in the USA.  From the box the sheets are in, to the wrapping ribbon around the sheets, everything is made in the USA.

The sheets by Southern Drawl Cotton are different and unique in multiple ways.  The most notable difference was the addition of a drawl rope to the fitted sheet.  For instance, most fitted bed sheets use an elastic band to keep in tight to the mattress.  One size does not fit all in the era of foam mattresses.  As a result, elastic bands slip off, pop off, or just won’t stretch enough and the 100% cotton drawl rope solves that problem.  Your fitted sheet with a drawl rope ensures your sheet stays on.  Check out Southern Drawl Cotton for more info.

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