Moultrie BBQ Competitors Cook for More Than the Competition

Bass and Benson say their food speaks for itself.

Andrew Bass and Ronald Benson know that the Backyard BBQ competition draws professionals, people who barbecue all day, every day.

“I work for national beef, so I’ve been in the beef industry since before you were born, 1988,” said Benson.

Bass said he can stand the heat.

“I own Haven Hill Estate, and I have 130 mobile homes out there and we usually cook for our community and things like that,” said Bass.

“For us, it’s not so much about the win,” said Bass.

There is a deeper meaning in the smoke.

“It’s a brief moment in time when all the worries of the world aren’t present, it’s just community,” explained Benson.

The two want to give back to a place they call home, the Moultrie Masonic Lodge 381.

“The benefactor that left us our actual house that we have the lodge in is one of the founding members of our community,” said Bass. “In our lodge, in our place and the laughter, and hearing that place light up with life, just being able to see that sort of vivation and the life that we are trying to bring back, we want to see that here.”

Although this is the first time the lodge is competing, the two are looking to throw down on the grill

“We’re making sure the spice is right, got the right meats to put it on, secret sauce,” said Benson.

Also, to reconnect with the community.

“One thing I love about Moultrie on days like that, there’s nobody worried about the color of your skin, how much money you got in your pocket, who you voted for. We’re all here together and that’s what it’s all about,” said Benson.