Last Super Blood Wolf Moon for 18 years! Total Lunar Eclipse this Sunday

Super…Blood…Wolf…Moon.  I mean that just sounds awesome.  This Sunday, January 20th, will be the last opportunity we have of seeing this rare cosmic phenomenon.  We here in South GA will be able to see it with clear skies and temperature in the mid to upper 40’s.  The Super Blood Wolf Moon won’t happen again for another 18 years.  We get a Wolf Moon annually.

Reasons for calling it a Super Blood Wolf Moon are threefold.  “Wolf Moon” is named after howling wolves.  Wolves don’t necessarily howl “at the moon” nor do they howl more during a full moon.  Most of that lore is attributed to wolves being nocturnal night hunters, being most active at night, and howl upward so that the sound projects farther.  Their howls can mean many things and depend on the seasons but are mostly thought to mean “here I am” to their pack or “watch out” to enemies.

Canis rufus:  One of the Red Wolves featured at Chehaw. Photo courtesy of Chehaw

The Supermoon part of the phrase has a simpler meaning.  When a Full Moon takes place and on its closest approach to the Earth, then it is called a Supermoon.

The term Blood Moon is used to describe a lunar eclipse.  This moon occurs low in the sky and and soon after sunset.  When you see the moon low in the sky, the extra air between you and the moon makes the moon look reddish. Giving us the “Blood Moon”.

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When:  Sunday, Jan 20, 2019 at 11:16 pm

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