Jamie Ranks Christmas Songs: Good and Not So Good

I look forward to Thanksgiving every year for two reasons.  Reason number one is the food… oh and family.  Reason number two is we finally get to listen to Christmas music without fear of judgment.  We all have our favorites but we also all have our least favorites.  The songs we love and the songs we cannot bring ourselves to understand how people can like it.

Here are my five favorite and least favorite Christmas songs. Let me know what you think!


Baby it’s cold outside – Original from Neptune’s Daughter

This timeless classic from 1949 has recently come under scrutiny but still a favorite of mine none-the-less.

Away in a manger – Nat King Cole

Here’s one of the greatest, most recognizable voices of all time singing a song that doesn’t get enough attention.

Up on the house-top – Chipmunks Christmas

Somehow the Chipmunks created one of the greatest Christmas albums ever.

Santa Baby – Eartha Kitt

Many covers have been done of this song but none come close to the original.  Kitt’s sultry voice makes this Christmas classic the perfect song every guy envisions his lady singing.

I’ll be home for Christmas – Bing Crosby

This song is mastered by many of the all-time great singers, Nat, Frank, Dean, and Bing.  Bing’s White Christmas album, to me, is the best complete Christmas Album ever.

Least favorites… yuck

Grandma got run over by a reindeer – Anyone and everyone that has ever sung it

This song literally talks about grandma forgetting her medication, getting killed by a reindeer (yes I know it’s tongue-n-cheek) and then grandpa being fine with it…lol.  Basically any Christmas song made to be “Country” is horrible.

Last Christmas – WHAM!

It’s a WHAM! Christmas song… enough said.

All I want for Christmas is you – Mariah Carey

This song might have not made the list but her last “Live” event where she attempted to “sing” really put the final nail in the coffin.  Not to mention it gets played about a billion times from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus – Jackson 5

The thought of a kid watching his mom making out with Santa is only made worse by having the interaction sung by another kid… even if that kid turns into the King of Pop.

O Tannenbaum – Nat King Cole

The song is in German.  The only thing decent about this song is the great voice of Nat.  Fun fact – it means Christmas Tree.  Just sing oh Christmas Tree.

So there’s my list. I’d love to know your favorites but I really want to know the Christmas songs that make you cringe.