Hands On History at Albany Civil Rights Institute

It’s an interactive window into activism in Albany.

“No other place records what actually happened here in Albany the way Albany Civil Rights Institute does.”

It’s an interactive window into activism in Albany.

“We have the voices, we have recordings of things that actually happened on the ground not only in Albany but around the country as it relates to civil rights.”

The stories of those who fought for racial equality are preserved here.

Key moments, preserved forever

“History records in many places that Albany was a key player in the civil rights movements and Albanians need to be proud. Those who come to Albany will share this rich history of the civil rights movement here in Albany, Georgia.”

Albany was a stage for the national effort.

“He led a march to downtown Albany and he was arrested. As a matter of fact, he was arrested on two different occasions as history would record. But Martin Luther King came to Albany just to make a speech.”

Everyone is welcome, but please no photos.

“We have intellectual properties that were donated by folks who recorded these things and took those pictures and they have donated it to the museum. So we ask folk not to bring their cameras or recording devices but to come in and actually take the guided tour.”

The ACRI is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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