A Family Business: Goodson Pecans

The people at Goodson Pecans are the kind of folks you want to be friends with, and they are a homegrown multi-generational company.

David Goodson says his family business started with his dad in 1972. Since then Goodson Pecans has become a multi-generational family affair, growing into a host of pecan varieties and pecan products.

“We create a lot of our flavors in-house, in our store in Leesburg,” Goodson says. “Some of those favorites for me would be our plain toasted sea salt pecans, our cinnamon-sugar pecans, and we do one that’s a toasted sriracha.”

The Goodsons have been making an all-natural pecan butter for the last couple of years. It’s similar to what you think of when you hear peanut butter or almond butter, but it’s made with pecans.

“We want people to see our legacy, that it’s coming from our groves, and we want people to also enjoy the product,” said Goodson. We say ‘from our Goodson family’s orchards to your family’s table. Enjoy!”

You can get your own Goodson Pecans at their store in Leesburg or online at GoodsonPecans.com

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