Downtown Sylvester theater gets a facelift

A brick building in downtown Sylvester is getting new life.

“It’s extremely exciting, extremely exciting,” said Dona Duckworth

A fresh coat of paint, classic brick walls and a stage. Those are the bones of the new Rocky’s Theater.

“We really want to promote conversation, just being able to sit and feel like you’re part of a community,” said Duckworth

Dona and her husband bought a downtown brick building nearly a year ago.

“Every time I passed the building it was like it was pulling me towards it,” said Duckworth.

And it’s getting a makeover.

What’s in store?

It is going to serve as a theater space, coffee shop and venue for the whole community.

“We can do coffee shop nights, we can do concerts, we can do theater. We can put a movie screen in here and have affordable movies,” said Duckworth.

And folks from all over the community have put their mark on the building.

Music students from their business next door helped clean, her nephew is painting and countless volunteers have given their time.

“It’s become a labor of love from the community. When they walk in here to watch an event they can feel like, hey, I helped do this,” said Duckworth.

The past year was a lot of work, and there is still a lot of work to be done. But Duckworth says it’s all worth it.

“With each piece of progress I get a little more impatient because I’m ready. I’m ready for this thing to be done,” said Duckworth.

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