Cocktail of the Week – Rosé Sangria

Sangria is defined as “a Spanish drink of red wine mixed with lemonade, fruit, and spices.”  I like to think of it as a delicious drink that tastes like koolaid and get you buzzed without even knowing it.  The word also, interestingly enough, means Blood in Spanish. I don’t know.

Lara Lyn has come up with a more “Skinny Southern” approach to sangria, Rosé Sangria.  This drink is great for parties because you can make them up ahead of time and have guests serve themselves.  Lara’s key is to use fresh strawberries to bring out all the favors.  A great, quick and easy drink to serve anytime, party or not.

Rosé Sangria:

1/4 cup of 13th Colony Vodka

1/4 cup of muddled strawberries (muddle these in the vodka and let them sit for about 30 mins)

2 tablespoons of pure maple syrup

1 cup of fresh cup strawberries

1 bottle of Fit Vine Rosé

Add all this together in the pitcher of your choice and you are good to serve.  You can serve immediately or you can let it refrigerate for about 30 mins.  Letting it chill or not is your choice and both ways are great.

All these ingredients and much more available at The Warehouse

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