Cocktail of the Week – Honey Q

Try this new twist on your favorite Gin with our Honey Q

Lara Lyn gives us a new drink to try out with your favorite Gin and the Honey Q delivers a refreshing twist.  Not being much a Gin drinker, I didn’t think this was going to become a drink I was going to like.  I was wrong.  This drink only gives the hint of gin since it is perfectly balanced with the other ingredients.  Definitely a drink for the dock in the summer.

Honey Q:

1 ¼ 13th Colony Gin

½ lime, squeezed by hand

4 splashes of El Guapo  Cucumber bitters

2 oz. Zevia Lemon Lime Soda (fill as wanted)

Drizzle of honey

You can find all these ingredients and more at The Warehouse