Chick-fil-A Hacks: Portable Nuggets

Our minds are blown.

There are few things that can truly be life-changing in the world of fast food. We believe this Chick-fil-A hack is one of them. Especially in the South.

Everyone knows Chick-fil-A tastes better on Monday because you’ve had to wait half your weekend for your next opportunity.

So when it comes to portability on top of availability, this breakthrough is easily top ten.

All these years we have opened the classic box of Chick-fil-A nuggets without thought of those little perforated tabs on the back corner.

Sure, they help the viewer determine what’s inside: “Nuggets,” “Strips,” and “Other.”

But portability today is paramount, and necessity is the mother of invention, so we imagine this would have come just as soon as it did.

By simply pushing out the center tab of the nuggets box, a perfectly-sized portal for your fountain drink’s straw is possible, opening a whole new world of Chick-fil-A for you (cue the Disney music).

This fast food discovery has truly changed our world at South Georgia Weekend, and we salute the original finder of this amazing treasure.