Chehaw offers wild fun, with or without animals

If you can do it outside, you can do it at Chehaw.

Chehaw is 800 acres and has a very large zoo with large exhibits with a lot of natural space, so you’re able to see these animals interact a lot of the times the way they would in the wild.

If you can do it outside, you can do it at Chehaw. It’s not just an AZA accredited zoo. There is mountain biking, BMX track, RC track, disc golf course.

There is something for everybody out here. From the toddler who wants to go play on the little play park swings and slides, to the older child who wants to do something really awesome and different out here, to the adult who just has an appreciation for nature.

People are encouraged to come out for an entire day if they can. Come out in the morning walk around the zoo while its nice and cool. You can come and feed a rhino up close and personal with your own hands. You can watch the cheetahs run on the lower course. You can feed the alligators in their own swamp.

One of the latest editions is the African Veldt Ride. It’s a covered trailer, pulled by a tractor that will take you out into the 40-acre safari exhibit where there are zebras, wildebeest, ostrich, several species of antelope that are in natural herds and much more. Every time you take this ride it will be something different.

Chehaw’s been here for a long time. It’s definitely a landmark of Albany. It originally started as a state park years ago and is now privately owned.

Chehaw is open Monday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. with access to the zoo from 9:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

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