Albany 101: The Turtle Project

Albany has plenty of icons, but the turtle project is one of the more recent ones. Let’s take a look.

It’s not hard to find these tall turtle statues around Albany, especially in the downtown area.

The Turtle Project: A Little History

Here’s how they came to Albany. The turtles were at the center of a fundraising project in 2003 by the Junior League of Albany.

To help raise capital to build the Turtle Grove Play Park at Riverfront Park, members sold the turtle statues to businesses that painted and put them on display around town.

The fiberglass turtles are uniquely painted, and showcase different designs and sponsors from when they were originally made.

Help Wanted For The Turtle Project

Today the turtles are mostly still around Albany, but their age is showing 16 years later. Some have been taken out of use and placed in “turtle jail” – inside the first level of a downtown parking garage.

For turtles no longer in use or others showing their age, leadership at the Flint Riverquarium wants to give them a new life. They have been looking for sponsors for the turtles for a few years.

Their desire is to have all the turtles back out in the city for people to enjoy.

In order to do this, the Flint Riverquarium has been offering sponsorships for the turtles. Donors may sponsor a large turtle for $1,000 for a one year period or $2,500 for a three year period.

In addition, donors can sponsor small turtles at $500 for one year and $1,000 for three years.

All Kinds of Turtles

Each hand-painted turtle represents a unique part of Albany or South Georgia region, and that’s part of what makes the turtle project special.

From football and nature to education and more, each turtle has its own story to tell. The art collection is designed to inspire and motivate.

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