Albany 101: The Live Oak Tree Canopy

The Albany tree canopy on South Georgia Weekend

The Albany Tree Canopy

One of my favorite parts of Albany is the tree canopy that covers neighborhood roads.

If you’ve been down any of “the avenues” in Albany you know this view: tall live oak trees stretching out over them.

In the middle of summer, the effect is like traveling through a tunnel of trees. Personally, the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th Avenues are my favorite.

The rows of foliage start from trees on both sides of the road and meet in the middle. You don’t get this everywhere, and it’s something that makes Albany unique.

For me, it’s a surreal feeling to ride down an avenue and just slip under the shade of all the trees. It makes me happy.

Storms and Growth

When the storms of January 2017 hit, the powerful winds tore gaps in many of the historic arches over Albany roads. Another surreal sight – this one unwanted.

But like the rest of the city, growth over time is still taking place. Many of the gaps have faded away as new branches and new leaves grow into place.

The first time I felt a real progression in the re-growth was in the summer of 2018. A year and a half after the 2017 storms, the trees (on the avenues specifically) looked more than ever like they used to be.

That surreal, almost magical feeling from the Albany tree canopy was back.

Then in October 2018, Hurricane Michael ripped through South Georgia, leaving more damage in its wake. Trees, debris, and damage were widespread once again.

Giving Thanks

It’s been over six months since that storm hit, and while a lot of progress toward clean up has been made, there’s still more work to do.

But back on the avenues where the tree canopy stretches out over the pavement, new growth – as always – is evident.

I’m thankful for the progress and changes after the storms. It’s good for Albany. And I think I would be just fine if Albany never saw another hurricane again. That’s what I’m hopeful for, at least.

But watching the trees above my head reminds me there is more than ample room to grow and try again.