Albany 101: Jimmie’s Hot Dogs

Albany 101: Jimmie's Hot Dogs from South Georgia Weekend
Don’t let the outside fool you. This is the place you want.

Jimmie’s Hot Dogs is an Albany icon. The hot dog joint’s history goes back to the 1940s. So it seemed like a natural fit for the first installment of Albany 101.

Located near downtown at the intersection of Oglethorpe Boulevard and Jackson Street, the walk-up and walk-in destination is unique. Here’s what the experience is like.

Walking into air conditioning from the South Georgia heat is a treat by itself, but this place has what you really came for: the food.

Albany 101: Jimmie's Hot Dogs from South Georgia Weekend
Simple and no seating, Jimmie’s Hot Dogs is all about food and efficiency.

It’s quite simple, and the place hasn’t changed much over the years, which means it’s still got plenty of charm.

There are barely a dozen items on the menu, and all of the prices have the tax included. There’s also no place to sit down inside. It’s a completely
old-fashioned experience.

Albany 101: Jimmie's Hot Dogs from South Georgia Weekend
The menu is short, with everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

Chili dogs and slaw dogs are the menu items of choice, but you can order them any way you like. I ordered one chili dog “all the way” (with onions)
and one plain dog with ketchup and mustard. Then I saw cans of RC Cola in the cooler so I ordered one of those too.

All of that came to a grand total of $3.50. Hot dog! (I couldn’t resist)

Albany 101: Jimmie's Hot Dogs from South Georgia Weekend
A small order of Jimmie’s Hot Dogs comes in a small paper bag.

Each hot dog is prepared then wrapped in wax paper and placed in a paper bag. Since I only ordered two my bag was extra tiny. The whole process was fast. By the time I had paid the dogs were ready. No frills. Just right.

The preferred way to pay is with cash, but Jimmie’s will accept cards for a small service fee.

Albany 101: Jimmie's Hot Dogs from South Georgia Weekend
My order of the day: one chili dog “all the way” and one plain with mustard and ketchup.

As the menu says, each hot dog is served on a toasted bun. The result is a steaming hot dog or chili dog made the way you like with a nice crunch from the bun.

Sometimes you can see the bright red color of the dog in the bun before you take the first bite, but you can definitely see the bold color afterward. Some people question the color or how much sodium is in it, and that’s fair, but I prefer to just enjoy the place and the food.

For me, the dogs were gone before I knew it, and I barely had enough time to snag a photo of them before digging in.

I’d go back.

Need directions? Jimmie’s Hot Dogs is located at 204 S. Jackson St. You can call them at (229) 435-4751.