A Bag to Go Serves Up the Best Hot Dogs in South Georgia

Get your 'dog fix just off highway 82 in Sylvester.

Just off Highway 82 in Sylvester, in an old gas station, is a restaurant that may just serve the best hot dogs in South Georgia.

They don’t just serve hot dogs, though. They also have fried chicken, burgers, and liver and gizzards. Owner Kevin Jones had a dream to open an old-fashioned drive-in for many years, and it came true in 2014.

He features all kinds of hot dogs, ranging from the classic Georgia dog with chili, mustard and onions, to monster dogs with chili, cheese, onions, slaw, pork bbq, and jalapeƱos.

Whenever you’re passing through Sylvester, stop by Kevin’s place for A Bag to Go. Your taste buds will thank you.