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Eat, Listen and Explore Thomasville First Fridays

Downtown Thomasville hosts First Fridays April-November. Here's why you'll want to be there.

When you walk through Downtown Thomasville, you know you’re in a unique place. This is a place where culinary arts and creative spirits combine for a festive atmosphere, with plenty of food and fun.

I think when people think of a small southern town, they think of a sleepy, kind of village atmosphere,” said Sarah Turner, who is the Director of Events and Communications. “And we do have pieces of Thomasville that are like that, but one of the things that excite me about it is that it’s very much alive. We’ve got this heartbeat that is downtown and this creative district area and this amphitheater area that really lends a unique and crafty feel to things.”

What are Thomasville First Fridays?

First Fridays are open to the public, and at its core are free concerts downtown.

“Participating shops and restaurants stay open late, so it’s a wonderful chance to kind of showcase everything that’s going on here, and enjoy some music in a really relaxed and fun environment,” Turner added.

Downtown Thomasville features over 100 unique shops and restaurants. Almost all of the restaurants are locally-owned.

“When you’re shopping local and dining local you’re really supporting so much more than just the shop owners. You’re supporting the city as a whole and the community as a whole so it’s a beautiful thing.

Thomasville First Fridays Schedule


ARTIST: Beau+ Luci
LOCATION: Amphitheater, 131 S. Stevens St.
ABOUT: Hailing from the swamplands of South Georgia, raised on a heady blend of rock and roll, blues, classic country, these two young sisters focus on folk-rock sounds with a singer-songwriter’s heart and a special attention to lyrics.

OCTOBER 6, 2017

ARTIST: Jamie Eubanks Band
LOCATION: Corner of Remington Ave. & Broad St.
ABOUT: The Jamie Eubanks Band is a local hard-charging blues band comprised of three experienced and passionate musicians that deliver a high-energy show like no other. The band’s main focus is on original material that’s sure to appeal to music lovers everywhere.

NOVEMBER 3, 2017

ARTIST: Carolina Soul Band
LOCATION: Amphitheater, 131 S. Stevens St.
ABOUT: Featuring the talent of some of the best musicians in the country, The Carolina Soul Band has performed with some of the most legendary blues acts of our time. The Carolina Soul Band will take you on a trip down memory lane while bringing you to your feet.

Thomasville is a city with a living history. Visitors can walk through brick-paved streets and experience old Victorian buildings.

“It’s a great meeting of both worlds, the historic and the new, and it’s really great to see that come together,” Turner added.

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